What If The Ball Lock Won't Open?

- Feb 01, 2018-

1, if it is aimed at the door is locked inside the foreign body caused by the door lock can not open the condition, we do the emergency handling of the general lock inside the door jammed the foreign body, with the key may not be inserted into the finger may even be inserted into the also difficult to twist, such cases we have to twist the door lock. First of all, we have to determine the door is open to the inside is still open to the outside, if it is to open the force inside pull, if it is to open the force inside push.

2, this time we need a sharp and thin that kind of knife, the other tip the more sharp the better, first of all, we have to take the door from outside the toilet door, the center that can shorten the part called the lock shaft, the lock shaft and lock groove contact, cut friction, in the knife through the slot through the gap, to resist the lock axis, to the lock axis of the ease of direction force , perhaps once or twice can not open, still have to try more than a few times, perhaps opened.

3, generally because the external force caused the door lock can not open, perhaps because the inside of the lock tongue decoupling reason, perhaps is the lock tongue distorted shape, fixed the lock tongue of the screws fell, and then led to the door jammed, out also do not go, into also do not come in, in this case, better emergency treatment is to find the lock tongue, Pull the falling screws back from the door to locate. This method is limited to the fact that the door locks are not open because of external material.

4, 1 kind is in the door lock not open the case, oneself begin to turn the door lock. In addition, it is really a variety of methods have been used to open the door lock, you can ask a professional unlock company to unlock, such as unlocking the company generally have specialized technology, as well as unlocking skills, but to pay for their own money.

5, please lock the locksmith to unlock, and please unlock the company to unlock, in behavior may be common, but in its nature is still some differences. The company can be professional for a variety of door locks not open the difficult and incurable diseases, is an integration of the end, but the locksmith is aimed at the simple door lock can not open a brief question, is an individualized end.