Time For Change The Safety Door Lock

- Apr 02, 2018-

For peace of mind, security experts recommend that you change your front door locks every five years. However, when 'changing the locks', you often only need to change the cylinder, rather than the lock itself. By simply upgrading the rim cylinder in a night latch, or the euro profile cylinder in a multi-point lock, your home can be secure in less than 10 minutes.

For your's house safety, please bear with this three things in mind if you want to change your cylinder, so you can be sure your lock is secure and no one else holds the key.

1. Meet the standard – To be sure your door is secure, look for cylinders with the British Standard. All Yale cylinders are rated against the British Standards and are graded for the level of security, safety, corrosion resistance, durability and category of use.

2. What’s your type? – The type of cylinder you choose depends on what type of door you have. External timber doors can be secured using a night latch with a rim cylinder. If you have a PVC or composite door, then you will need to upgrade the euro profile cylinder in the multi-point lock.

3. Size matters – Before you buy you’ll need to know what size you require, this is easy for a rim cylinder as they are all a standard size. If you have a multi-point lock you will need to measure the euro profile cylinder in two halves from either side of the cylinder’s 10 mm center section. Whenever you fit a cylinder, it should be flush with the door furniture, especially on the door’s exterior.