The Locksmith 20 Minutes Unlocked

- Jun 12, 2018-

The key is locked in the car

At that time, Mr. Zhang was very anxious. He kept looking for several unlocking masters to consult the lock scheme, but they were not satisfied. For example, some of the lock Masters said that they used wire hooks, and others said they used electric locks. But all these methods can damage vehicles. Unlike ordinary cars, the lock of the general vehicle is not electronic control or mechanical control, while Rolls-Royce phantom's vehicle lock is a combination of the two. This means that the electronic lock needs to be controlled and the machine is unlocked at the same time. The computer system in the car will automatically lock the car, then the outsider can not open it, and will bring high economic loss to the owner.

The locksmith 20 minutes unlocked

When Mr. Zhang was at a loss, someone recommended to him that he had 20 years of experience. At first, he learned that he was trying to unlock the Rolls-Royce phantom luxury car. "Although my career, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Bentley car lock I have opened a lot, but the Rolls-Royce phantom is only seen in the road, not touched, but I still want to challenge a high degree of difficulty." After arriving at the scene, inspected the relevant formalities of the owner, Zhou master squatted in front of the door, carefully explored the lock eyes with the tools with light, and the car lock was controlled by both electronic and mechanical. As long as the operation was wrong, the car's computer system would automatically lock the car, not only need to dismantle the dashboard, but also reprogram and decode the car. The owner of the car will lose a lot.

Mr Zhou focused on the use of electronic decoder and professional mechanical opening tools, with the feeling of unlocking, that posture seems to be in the heart and lock "communication". More than 20 minutes later, with the click of a click, the door opened and the surrounding citizens shouted. After checking, the locking process did not cause any damage to the vehicle.

Technical unlock depends on basic work

Mr Zhao said that it is not common to lock such a luxury car like Rolls-Royce phantom in the industry. It can successfully open such a difficult car lock, not only to rely on advanced equipment, but also to require the locksmith to have solid basic skills. When the door is locked, it is better for the public not to use the "wire electric drill" to lock the master, so as not to damage the vehicle.