Knobs Lock Option

- Feb 01, 2018-

1. When choosing the lock, pay attention to the industry brand. Do not one-sided only look at the price, you should choose to have the strength on the scale, stable product quality, reliable large enterprise products, to the brand agent hardware store purchase. To recognize whether the lock product has a factory name, site, trademarks and whether there is a professional quality inspection agency recently issued by the inspection of qualified reports.

2. The appearance of the lock should be clear, the surface is not rough, feel comfortable. Lock open Rotation flexible, locking device should function, feel no failure to feel, confidentiality can be better.

3. When choosing the lock, we should first pay attention to choosing the lock which is consistent with the opening direction of the door. Second, to pay attention to the width of the door frame, holding the hand lock is not suitable for the door frame less than 90mm, generally speaking, door door selection of large-panel luxury large lock, the thickness of the lock and whether the match is an important option, in short, to be chosen by the door lock.

4. Lock to buy when the material should be moderate, feel to be firm, reliable, not to choose low-cost quality of the use of inferior materials to create a variety of locks. The main materials of the panel and holding hands are zinc alloy, aluminum, cast stainless steel, stainless steel, cast copper and calcined copper. Panel and handle the surface treatment mainly has polishing, sandblasting, drawing, electroplating chromium, copper, Guangkin, PVD and so on. The main material of the lock body is the outer box cold rolled iron or stainless steel, the lock tongue stainless steel or copper, other parts zinc alloy or iron. There is also a full stainless steel lock body. Lock cores, most of which are now made of copper.