Is It Not Far From The Date Of Showing The ID Card To Match The Key?

- Jun 13, 2018-

Recently, a photo of a colleague's key was uploaded to a shop seller with keys, and then another case of burglary caught everyone's attention. In general, we need to bring the key to the store with the key, so is it possible to have a key with a photo?

The reporter searched the key of "picture matching key" on the Internet, and immediately popped up a lot of businesses, claiming to be able to see pictures and remote keys. The reporter randomly entered a shop showing that the price ranged from 10 yuan to 200 yuan.

The reporter then contacted the merchant as a buyer. The customer service showed that he could see the picture with the key, starting at 200 yuan, and the price of different keys was different. A professional spoon master pointed out that in fact, taking pictures and matching keys and physical objects with keys is almost the same.

Ye Siming, the professional locksmith, told the reporter, "you give me the key photos. I know I know the beads of the key. There is a reason why I can't do it. It is not very complicated." (plus) there are still some ways to use 3D to mold, make a model and then open it, which is much simpler. "

But he also said that the key is not "kill", if it is to join the snake shaped grooves, the complex security level of the C level lock, there is no way.

It is understood that at present, the state has clear rules for unlocking, and it is necessary to go to the Public Security Bureau for the record. But there are no hard rules for the key. But the lawyer also reminded the shopkeeper that he should take responsibility for his keys, such as illegal activities.

The police reminded the public not to lend keys to others easily, and not to issue key photos on social circles such as friends' circle.

As a shop with key shops and networks, is it necessary to record an ID card to match the key?