Installation Steps For Knobs Lock

- Feb 01, 2018-

The installation of the lock is also a key: installation should be strictly in accordance with the product manual, to recognize the installation center distance, the scope of application and the opening method of the lock. Special attention should not be installed in the large humidity wooden frame door to prevent the corrosion of harmful substances.

A. The lock body and the center of the latch are determined according to the "fixed distance model".

B. Draw a circle from the two centers, drill a diameter of 54 mm lock hole, after drilling a diameter of 25 mm lock body hole, at the same time cut the lock tongue pull socket.

C. Remove the handle with the tip of the accessory.

D. First lock the tongue into the opening side of the lock tongue hole, with screws to fasten it, and then install the lock body, from the room into the lock body hole, at the same time buckle the end of the lock tongue, so that the lock body and lock the tongue together.

E. Adjust the position of the outer adjustment ring so that the center of the lock body is located in the center of the door thickness.

F. The internal gloves on the hand tube, with the end of accessories to press the positioning card, and then push into the hands, so that both sell.

G. If the key and the external and internal hands open flexible, then the lock installation is correct.