How To See The Burglary Resistance On The Door Lock Core ?

- Jun 09, 2018-

In modern times, we use anti-theft door locks and lock core to decide whether the Burglar resistance is better or worse. A good quality lock core plays a key role in anti-theft. But why do we see that the lock hole of lock core can also know its burglary resistance?

1. Lock hole often embodies the depth of the technology and the maturity of the technology. The general lock core is relatively rough and its technology is relatively backward.

2. Tightly structured keyhole makes it difficult for the technology to be opened. (the large structure of the keyhole is not easy to insert tin paper and other technical opening tools. The small keyhole structure is closely related to the insertion of a technical opening tool).

3. A small keyhole can limit the size of the drill bit and greatly increase the difficulty of violence.