How To Remove The Spherical Lock From The Outside

- Feb 01, 2018-

1, the use of spherical lock accessories with a special undo grip of the iron sheet, stabbed into the grip of the small hole.

2, according to the previous process, you can easily unscrew the grip.

3, the use of a word screwdriver will grip the rear gasket pry.

4. Use a cross screwdriver or an electric screwdriver to loosen the fixing screws in the spherical lock.

5. Remove the spherical lock from the other side of the ball lock.

6. Use an electric screwdriver or a cross screwdriver to remove the latch.

7, in the direction of the opposite look at the lock handle, in the small part of the hand has a small hole, with a hard fine things (such as nails) inserted to firmly resist, and pull the ball out of the handle. Then put the card on the door of the disc counterclockwise turn out, you will see that there are two screws, with a cross wire knife to take off, from the relative outside can pull out of the center of the center.