Door Locks Maintenance

- Jun 11, 2018-

With the gradual renovation of the lock, the maintenance of the lock is becoming more and more important. Today, the Senho locks factory will tell you a few tricks to lock up the daily maintenance.

1, when the lock is installed, the handle and the panel are forbidden to use paper and tape, not to be installed on the door when the paint is not dry, otherwise the surface damage will be caused, and the time will fade.

2, some zinc alloy and copper lock, installed on the door long time will have "spots", this is not rusty, but oxidation, as long as the use of special oil lock can be removed "spot".

3, keep the lock body clean, prevent foreign objects from entering the lock core billiard slot, and cause it can not be opened. When the lock is hard to open, do not lubricate with edible oil so as not to clog up for a long time.