Chinese Hardware Has The Quality To Have The Future

- Jun 07, 2018-

When the industry is experiencing setbacks, our enterprises are constantly facing difficulties. Independent research and development of production innovation and the quality of excellence, for the current Chinese home hardware industry into a flow of clearing, but also let the Chinese home hardware industry see the strength of the independent brand. We firmly grasp the quality of every small detail of the product, use the efforts of each person to practice our responsibility, and make the hardware and accessories of high quality and safety to create a more comfortable life for each family. But quality is not just talking about it. Time will prove it all. Over the past decade, SENHO has been growing year by year for its ultimate quality pursuit and dedicated research and development.

Our customers are getting more and more. Only with high quality products can enterprises have a future. The quality improvement action is from inside to outside, and continues to advance in depth, including strengthening raw materials, optimizing production quality management system and so on. The highest international standards for bench marking have set strict management standards for every link. One of the most important steps is to promote the quality innovation project, promote the spirit of the craftsman and create a strong cultural atmosphere of "everyone pays attention to quality, everyone creates quality and everyone enjoys the quality".

Compared with the well-known foreign home hardware brands, China's home hardware brand high-end quality road still has a long way to go. If we want to make a breakthrough in the brand, we must make breakthroughs in quality. Therefore, the next SENHO will step out a more critical step: the full implementation of the quality of deep ploughing, with technology, technology and quality to build the Chinese home hardware high-end brand connotation, the achievement of Chinese home hardware brand.