Changes In The Circulation Pattern Of The Hardware Industry

- Jun 05, 2018-

The rise of new channels not only makes manufacturing enterprises face the major issues such as repositioning of traditional agents, dealers and reconstructing cooperation relations, but also makes enterprises face the danger of more and more high market control. The distribution channels tend to be flat, and some new hardware stores and big markets are rising. The traditional channels of the industry are showing a trend of diversification, function and rapid development.

Industry analysts believe that the new market trend of China's hardware industry is becoming more and more obvious, the circulation pattern of China's industry is undergoing profound and intense changes. In recent years and in the future, the circulation and terminal channels should run mainly in the state of circulation and terminal channels, and the traditional channels are still issued. Playing an important role, especially in the two or three tier market plays a leading role.

But how to successfully run a franchised store has been a topic of continuous discussion among marketers. The store has a great chance of success. Where is the key point of the store's success? The specialty stores have the following features:

1, the integration of sales and exclusive service can create stable and loyal lock consumer groups.

2, is conducive to the stability and development of the sales network, and maintain the continuity and stability of the group operation.

3, it is easy to provide product information to the terminal distributors and consumers in time, and at the same time, it is easy to collect market and channel information.

4, when consumers buy products from stores, locks have one hundred percent sales opportunities (no other brands in the store), which greatly increases the turnover rate of lock products.

5. Locate in busy commercial district, shopping street or department store and shopping center.

6, sales volume is small, high quality, high gross profit; franchised store is the window of lock brand, image and culture, which is conducive to further enhance the brand of lock.

7. It can effectively implement and implement lock culture and activities policy, effectively enhance the executive ability of the group, and break through the management bottlenecks commonly faced by modern enterprises.

8, specializing in professional, monopoly lock brand brand, greatly enhance the terminal sales capacity of lock products, and truly form the "king of the king" of the king's demeanor, and easy to manage, mutually beneficial symbiosis, easy to form a large number of loyal customers and core dealers, the group can full heart and full guidance and cultivation.