Your need to know more about the electronic door lock

- Feb 14, 2019-

Your need to know more about the electronic door lock

Electronic locks provide security from public safety to the security of private property. These locks, like all electronic products, meet a variety of needs. Everything from home to the highest government security is solved by electronic locks. All the best security manufacturers sell equipment with electronic locks. Most cars now have some kind of electronic key system. Electronic locks are the "choose your own adventure" of the safe world. The configuration of the unlocking and locking device will shape the end result of your protection. Personal needs are very important and need to take into account changes in new technologies. 

What is the really electronic lock?

The electronic lock is locked or unlocked with the help of current. The current is used to power an electromagnet, a solenoid (an electromagnet with a single coil) or an electric motor. These devices will initiate a lock in a fail-safe or fail-safe manner.

The advantage of electronic lock:

Protect workers in an emergency. Large buildings with many visitors (gym, museum, school, etc.) are allowed to leave safely and allow emergency personnel to enter.

The disadvantage of electronic lock:

Buildings will be insecure as power is lost. Pulling the emergency alarm will unlock the emergency exit through this function.

In the case of actual emergencies and phased situations, it is vulnerable to crime.

The fail safe of electronic lock:

In the event of a power outage or in the event of an emergency alarm, the fail-safe lock will open on the inlet side. This is possible because current is used to keep the door locked and the power supply is removed to disengage the locking mechanism.