Your doors are very important for your home safety

- Feb 14, 2019-

Your doors are very important for your home safety

Choosing the right door type in combination with a high-security lock tongue is critical to achieving optimal safety. Standard residential ladle doors are made of 24 gauge steel with wooden lock cores. The sturdy steel composite door is made of solid wood or corrugated metal support core or 12 gauge steel cladding and is thicker than 24 gauge. If you use wooden doors, make sure it is sturdy hardwood, without built-in panels, which are too thin and too weak to withstand kicking. The reinforced frame on the lock and hinge will be subjected to beating, impacting or kicking.

The role of the door frame.

When an intruder kicks in the door, the door frame usually breaks, not the door itself. The impact plate on the side column of the door often flies in the air and is easily broken if not screwed in properly, which is why the door is closed. One way to prevent this from happening is to install a sturdy 3-inch screw to secure the impact plate into the studs of the house frame. Home security doors and frame reinforcement kits are well worth the investment to protect the frame and doors.

If you are installing a new door that uses glass, make sure it is reinforced and / or that the window is small and away from the lock. The window should be a maximum of 96 square inches and at least 36 inches from the latch, which is longer than a tall arm or a shatterproof glass with a protective frame. If you are more focused on style, then consider adding an alert or home security system. But please note that many popular security upgrades may not be as effective as you might think.