Working principle of spherical magnetic lock

- Aug 06, 2018-

Working principle of spherical magnetic lock 

Magnetic card: magnetic card is a card that uses magnetic carrier to record English and digital information and identifies identity or other uses.

Magnetic card lock:

Magnetic card door lock is also known as access control system, inductive door lock, electronic door lock, access control attendance system.

The magnetic card door lock is composed of an access controller, a card reader, a communication converter, an access control attendance software and an electronic door lock. The mode of reading card belongs to the mode of non contact reading card. As long as the cardholder sloshing fast near the card reader (5-15 centimeters), the card reader can induce the card and send the card information (card number) to the host. The host checks the card's legality, and then decides whether to open the door or not.

In the whole process, access control function can be realized in the effective credit card area. The card reader is installed inside and outside the door wall without affecting its work. The induction card is read-only, not easy to copy, safe and reliable, long life (non-contact card reading mode to reduce the mechanical wear card to zero). And through the communication switchgear or TCPI communication switchgear for real-time monitoring and control with the computer (can be sent by the computer to command all doors, and can check the state of all doors in real time), data processing, query, report output and so on. The system is suitable for post and telecommunications, finance, transportation, building control, district management, parking lot and other enterprises and institutions, and has been praised by the users for many years.

The main functions of the spherical magnetic card lock:

1, card record: when the person entering and leaving the door, the card should be read before the card reader. After the card reader reads the information, the information is sent to the host. The host first judges whether the information is legitimate, such as the principle of closing the door open instruction (that is, to send a signal to the lock to open the door; unlawful is not to send the open door and can be designated and available. " Send out an alarm. At the same time, the host will save data such as credit card information, date and time for inquiry or direct transmission to the computer for processing.

2, control center: control center through the computer division of the Department to establish staff information, such as maintenance center, management center, etc., regularly or in real time collection of data from each door, at the same time, according to the Department to collect, query, damage and print. Various parameters of the host can be set up by computer or directly set by the main engine.

3, multi-level management: the system can be very convenient to realize multilevel management functions. The control center can set the access authority, time range and holiday management of each card through the computer.

4, attendance: the attendance part is mainly completed by the software. First, the user sets up the personnel data, flight time, attendance time, holiday and so on. Then, after downloading the card data from the computer communication port to classify, calculate, statistics and collect the information of the card, the personnel attendance report is produced by the electric brain or printer. Beijing Huaxia classic science and technology development center is located in the center of Zhongguancun science and technology park. It is a new technology enterprise approved by the administrative department of industry and Commerce of Beijing. The intelligent high-tech enterprise, which integrates R & D, production, sales and engineering, has been engaged in the automatic identification and intelligent control system of induction card for many years, and has accumulated rich knowledge and experience with the application of many system users.

Working principle of spherical magnetic lock:

The residual magnetic induction intensity Br on the magnetic card plays a decisive role in the work of the magnetic card. The magnetic card passes the working head with the coil at a certain speed, the external magnetic line of force of the magnetic card cuts the coil, and the induction electromotive force is generated in the online circle, thus transmitting the recorded signal. Of course, it is also required that the recorded signal in the magnetic card work with a wide frequency response, a small distortion and a high output level.