Why do you know the security of the security door lock core?

- Nov 27, 2018-

Why do you know the security of the security door lock core?

In modern times, we use anti-theft door locks, the lock core determines its anti-theft performance is better than bad, a good quality lock core plays a key role in anti-theft. But why do you know that the lock hole of the lock cylinder can also know its anti-theft performance?

1. The size of the lock hole of the lock core can often reflect the depth of the process and the maturity of the technology. The general lock core work is relatively rough and the lock hole is relatively large, and its technology is relatively backward. However, like the company, it is a company with mature technology. The lock hole of the lock cylinder is less than 2CM, and the process is very good.

2. The tight structure of the keyhole adds great difficulty to the technology opening (the structure of the keyhole is not tight and it is easy to insert the tin foil and other technical opening tools. The structure of the small locking hole is very difficult to insert into the technical opening tool) .

3. The small hole can limit the size of the drill bit of the electric drill, which greatly increases the difficulty of violent opening (the opposite of the keyhole is easier to violently open).

4.304 stainless steel overall structure of the lock cylinder lock hole, the solidity is very high, it is basically impossible to be exploded, the copper material is soft and easy to be blown. Now you should clearly understand why the lock cylinder keyhole acts on the anti-theft of the anti-theft door lock cylinder. This article comes from: Zhongshan Junan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. All Locks God "Building Security Top Products"