Which is better for fingerprint lock and password lock?

- Mar 03, 2019-

Which is better for fingerprint lock and password lock?

Fingerprint lock

Fingerprint wear problem: You can enter more than one finger fingerprint. If it is worn out, you can change your finger to open the door for authentication.

Fingerprint recognition window scratching problem: Try to make your finger flat on the fingerprint identification window. After using for a while, use a soft cloth to remove dirt from the surface of the fingerprint window.


Passwords are not leaked and represent security. The password lock itself is a mechanical jamming mechanism, which is ultimately done by mechanical action. It is obviously complicated, the probability of failure is relatively high, and the electronic device is afraid of humidity, afraid of strong magnetism, and is afraid of strong vibration, making it right. The use environment has certain requirements.


In fact, equipment is not omnipotent, there is no absolute security. In terms of safety, the most important problem is not the lock itself. It is often the user's bad habits or lack of safety awareness to bring unnecessary trouble to himself. Of course, many people love the “fingerprint + password” in one fingerprint lock, so the fingerprint lock guarantees unique and safe. In special cases, the fingerprint is accidentally damaged or when no one is at home, the guest can also inform them of the password when they suddenly visit. Fast.