What should I do if I forget my password?

- May 22, 2019-

1. If the electronic password of the safe is forgotten, you can use the emergency power supply box plug to locate the small hole directly under the panel, open the emergency lock cover in the panel, insert the emergency lock key, and turn the emergency key counterclockwise to open the electronic lock. Then use the door lock to open normally. Use the reset button in the box to reset the password or change the password directly.

2, now the home security door password lock will basically have fingerprint recognition, you can open the door by fingerprint or key. If you don't have a key and don't have a fingerprint function, you can ask for a family member who knows the password or has a key.

3, it is really impossible to go to the police to record the formal unlocking company or call the original manufacturer for help.

How to change the password of the electronic password lock

Sometimes for the sake of security, you need to change the password lock. How do you change the password for the electronic security door lock? The following are the specific steps.

How to change the password lock password specific steps:

Step 1: Press the power button at the bottom of the outer panel and press the ‘*’ button three times to make a long beep.

Step 2: Enter the old password and press ‘#’ to confirm. The buzzer will make a long beep and the LED will flash.

Step 3: Enter 6~12 digits of new password and press ‘#’ to confirm, the buzzer will make a long beep;

Step 4: Enter the same new password again and press ‘#’ to confirm.

The above is the step of how to change the password for the password lock. In the setting process, if there is an error in the input, the system exits the setting program. If the input is correct, the buzzer will make a long sound (or music sound) indicating that the LED light is off.

Summary: After understanding the process of how to change the password lock password, finally remind everyone that the original unlock password will be deleted automatically after the new password is set. The system must always have an unlock password.