What is the door stopper?

- Mar 23, 2019-

Door suction is also commonly known as door touch. It is also a device that sucks and positions the door when it is opened to prevent the wind from blowing or touching the door. Door suction is divided into two types: permanent magnet door suction and electromagnetic door suction. Permanent magnet door suction is generally used in ordinary doors and can only be controlled manually. Electromagnetic door suction is used in electric control door and window equipment such as fire doors, and has manual control and automatic control. control function.

Door suction classification

Ordinary permanent magnet door stopper

Ordinary permanent magnet door suction according to the installation form, wall-mounted, ground-mounted, according to the material is divided into plastic, metal

Electromagnetic door suction

Wall-type electromagnetic door suction is divided into standard type, heightening type, lengthening type, box type, concealed type, long arm type according to different structures; ground electromagnetic door suction is composed of wall type electromagnetic door suction and right angle ground mounting bracket. The chain electromagnetic door stopper is composed of wall type electromagnetic door stopper and chain fastener; the user selects according to the installation conditions on site.