What is indoor lock?

- Aug 31, 2018-

What is indoor lock?

The door lock of the indoor handle refers to the front and rear plates, the lock body and the lock head. A switch square hole is arranged on the lock body, and a square shaft is arranged in the square hole of the switch. The two ends of the square axis are respectively connected with the inside and outside handle. The square axis is composed of metal sheet and non-metal sheet. The non-metal sheet is arranged between two metal sheets, and the non-metal sheet can be plastic. Material, rubber sheet or other material. Because the square shaft is set between the upper and lower metal sheets, when the square shaft is connected with the handle, the screw is clamped between the two metal sheets directly through the screw hole on the handle, and connected with the non-metal sheet on the square shaft, not only can it be more tightly fixed, but also will not occur after a period of use. The abscission of the square shaft and the handle.

Unlike commercial hardware standards, civil hardware fittings have been in use for a long time and are prone to many problems here and there. Especially the door lock, this kind of high-load operating parts, long service life, it is inevitable that there will be a little trouble. It is often found that some users and friends, home door lock damage is often caused by improper use or maintenance. Do not always use wet cloth to wipe the door lock, otherwise it is easy to enter the accessories, parts rust, easy to break down! In order to avoid the door handle knocking against the wall, it is best to install the door, the door is directly installed on the door easy to install, and arbitrarily control the angle of opening the door. It will not damage the ground and wall.

Matters needing attention in door lock maintenance are as follows:

First, do not use lubricants casually.

Some friends in the lock appear astringent, or tight, often like to drop some lubricant into the lock eye, so that the door lock may be smooth, but because the oil is easy to stick ash, after the lock eye will be easy to accumulate dust, and form grease, which makes the lock more prone to failure.

The correct solution: Cut some pencil scraps or some candle scraps, blow them into the lock core through a thin tube, then insert the key and rotate it several times.

Two, do not force the key to open the door, not too violent.

Sometimes, because of the gravity of the door itself, or the loose leaf of the door, the door will sink and lock the door or open the door not smoothly. At this time, it is very difficult to open the door and lock the door with a key. At this point, do not force the key, so as not to break the key and increase the trouble. If you really can't solve it, you must not act violently. You can ask the master who unlocks the lock quickly, or ask the leader for help.

The right solution: we should first check the cause. If the door leaf is sunk due to loose loose leaf, loose loose leaf should be fastened tightly with screws. If the door frame deformation or its causes can not be restored, can start from the door frame, the latch corresponding expansion, so that the door can be restored to normal fluency.