What is a super B lock core?

- Aug 08, 2018-

What is a super B lock core?

If you want to know the safety of the super b lock core, we need to know what the super b lock core is. The super B level lock core is monitored by the relevant departments. The technology can not be opened or the technology is open for more than 270 minutes. The super B lock key is flat type, the key slot is single side or double side has two rows concave shape plus S shape, or inside and outside double snake type inner milling groove structure. It is the most complicated lock core and the safest lock core; it can not be opened by the Ministry of public security for 270 minutes, and the regional interlocking rate is zero (1/16000000). The bullet structure is double rows of blades and V-shaped side column locking; if the lock core is opened with a strong torsion tool, the lock core will be destroyed internally, and the lock will be blocked by spontaneous explosion, resulting in the failure to open.

The difference between the core and the other core

Household door locks are generally divided into three levels: A, with technical opening more than 1 minutes as qualified standards; B level, to open more than 5 minutes as qualified standards; super B class, lock core is monitored by the relevant departments or technology can not open more than 270 minutes as the standard. According to the survey, 60 of the users use the security door and lock core provided by the developers, and these lock cores are all called a class lock core, which is only a simple single row structure lock, and the thief can be opened for a few seconds with a tool (such as tin paper), and there is a great hidden danger.

Design advantage of super B core

1, anti technology open design: thieves' unlocking tools can open ordinary locks in a few seconds. The super B level lock adopts the blade left to right moving structure, and the blade has more than the ordinary cylindrical ball, and the operation direction is complex. When the thieves use a single hook to prevent the blade from pulling out the blade, the thief must first pass the vane with a single hook to pull the blade with a single hook. One has a foreign object to lock immediately, and the weak reed column structure can not open the lock core when any leaf is changed, and there is no drawing slot on the side column, the lock core is in the foreign body belt. You will die when you move.

2, the anti violent twist design: using the Central Red flush structure, the anti violence will be evenly divided into four sides, and the open blade is transformed into a circular closed blade, and the whole edge column is inserted into the square slot of the lock body, which can completely resist the shear force transmitted by the violent tool to the lock core.

Through the above introduction, I believe you have a certain understanding of the safety of Super B lock core. When choosing, we should choose a good brand so that the quality of the product will be more assured.