What is a hardware handle, how to buy?

- Nov 29, 2018-

What is a hardware handle, how to buy?

What is a hardware handle, how to buy? Hardware handle: Pull or manipulate (open, close, hang) utensils (such as round handle rope, cable, handle) plastic window canopy handle.

The hardware handle is part of the home decoration hardware, which is mainly used in furniture, bathroom cabinets, cabinets, wardrobes and other furniture. The hardware handle has a decorative effect, but the main function is to pull the cooperation.

The handle is divided into a single metal, alloy, plastic, ceramic, glass, etc. from the material; the shape is divided into a tube shape, a strip shape, a sphere and various geometric shapes; from the style, there is a single strip, double head, Exposed, closed, etc.; from the style to the point is more avant-garde or casual, there are ropes or hanging beads of the nostalgic hand. There are European antique style, rural style, ceramic series, cartoon small handles and so on. Handle used in cabinets and home accessories, the widest range of hardware handles can be embedded in the high-end cabinet accessories of fashion elements, it uses a new process, the production of art as a standard, as well as electroplating, fashion, antique, fashion Made of color, the color can be: bronze, white patina, ancient silver, roasted black, gold-plated, chrome, pearl silver and other home colors. How to choose the hardware handle of China's top ten lock brands?

1. Raw materials: Some small handles of metal handles are cheap. Stainless steel materials with nickel content that are not up to standard and contain sand holes are inevitable. There will be sand holes (poor quality), the surface is rough and rough, and the installation will soon rust. This is an attitude and behavior that is not responsible to the customer.

2. The surface treatment of the handle (stainless steel handle) is divided into sanding, medium sand (half sand), drawing and bright light. The surface treatment of the handle is particularly important. The quality of the handle is firstly studied from the surface treatment. A good handle sanding should be uniform from the beginning to the end, and the color is relatively dull to give a steady feeling.

3. The welding part of the handle (especially the foot) should be firm and reliable. It is easy to shorten the life of the handle by cutting the material and cutting it. How to distinguish these inferior handles? First of all, we can distinguish from the sound (using a hard device to gently tap the handle tube), the handle of the thick tube should be relatively crisp, and the thin tube is more dull. The first one can be discerned from the feel, the thin handle tube heats up quickly, and the hand is warm enough, and the handle of sufficient thickness is still cold for a while. Then there is the case where it is allowed (the most simple), sawing the handle and looking inside, and the result is obtained. In addition to using the naked eye to measure and measure the ruler, the better method is to put the handle on the whole piece of glass. If the touch handle has signs of shaking up and down on both sides, the handle is not enough to be correct and still needs improvement. The touch of the handle should be that the thread does not move, and the square is straight.