What is a fingerprint lock?

- Mar 03, 2019-

What is a fingerprint lock?

The fingerprint lock refers to the direct use of the fingerprint as the input signal, and the related information is identified and processed to control the mechanical actuator to perform the opening and closing of the lock.

Fingerprint lock composition

Fingerprint identification and control part: consists of a fingerprint collector, arithmetic control components and input/output circuits.

The lock body and the outer casing part are composed of a mechanical lock body, a casing, a handle, and the like.

Fingerprint lock principle

The fingerprint feature is unique and permanent, so we can associate a person with his fingerprint and verify his true identity by comparing his fingerprint characteristics with pre-saved fingerprint features.

Fingerprint lock function

The functions of the fingerprint lock mainly include: fingerprint login, fingerprint deletion, information storage, usage authority management, alarm, emergency unlocking, and the like. In addition, many manufacturers have added some additional functions, such as integrated doorbell, voice prompts, networking, telephone alarms, etc. The high-performance fingerprint lock is also equipped with a human-machine dialogue system such as a liquid crystal display, which has a high level of intelligence and has a guiding operation. , query the opening record and built-in parameters, setting status and other functions.