What are the specifications of the padlock?

- Mar 31, 2019-

There are many varieties and specifications of padlocks, and the models are available in C, E, SBE, G and other specifications. Generally, the size of the lock is determined according to the width of the lock body. The use of the lock is determined according to the height of the lock beam, and the series of locks are determined according to the opening manner of the padlock, the horizontal opening, the top opening, and the double opening. The lock body of E type, SBE type and C type padlock is made of super hard alloy steel, the hardness of the shell is higher than 56 degrees; the G type padlock is made of zinc alloy, all the padlock hooks are made of boron or manganese alloy, can withstand 2550 - 10200 kg force shear, 1530-10200 kg force pull.

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Our commonly used padlocks generally use straight opening and two opening modes. That is, when the key is inserted into the key cylinder of the lock cylinder, the lock that can be pulled upward without rotating is called "top open lock". Such a padlock is especially suitable for carrying the baby or carrying the opener who is not suitable for putting down the item. The so-called "double-open padlock" refers to a lock that requires two keys to work when it is opened, and it can be opened. It has strong confidentiality and is suitable for occasions where two people need to keep it. When two people come to the scene to open the lock, such as warehouse, silver library, etc.