What are the key points for the installation of glass door handles?

- Mar 27, 2019-

1. Generally, when the glass is cut, the glass door handle hole on the whole glass door is completed. When the glass door handle link portion is inserted into the hole, it should not be too tight. It is better to have looseness, but if the insertion is too loose, the insert part will be soft. Quality tape.

2. The part of the glass door handle inserted into the glass should be wiped with a small amount of glass glue before installation. When the handle is assembled, the root and the glass should be tightly pressed when the glass is tightly pressed. This ensures that the handle will not loosen.

3, assuming that it is not a tempered glass door, in the use of a ten-mm glass drill bit, the hole distance of the glass door handle should be measured, and then marked, watered and punched on the glass door, and should be installed from the outside before installation, then Tighten the long screws inside, do not leave the handle screws outside, otherwise it is possible to remove the glass door lock from the outside.