What are the functions of the fire lock?

- Mar 06, 2019-

What are the functions of the fire lock?

1. Beautiful appearance, sturdy and durable structure (significantly reduced maintenance), emergency access door lock with push rod and reasonable price.

2, emergency evacuation access door, do not need to lock and do not need to open, you can burglar and free access, provide 24 hours a day security protection.

3. Suitable for any emergency access door, safety exit door, fire door, escape door, fire exit door.

4. Applicable to controlling the flow of people, preventing unauthorized departures and preventing theft, so that the building complies with the building legislation requirements of the emergency exit passage device.

5, clear and obvious pusher configuration; provide durable, reliable and long service life

6. When the push bar door is opened after arming, the siren will sound and an alarm will be issued (the alarm sound can reach 80-100 decibels), and the siren will stop after disarming.

7, the door can be accessed through the key, or the access control card, the access door fire door will not alarm when there is permission to enter.

8, can be used with other security equipment such as smoke, alarm and other. When the alarm is given, a door opening signal can be given to the central control room to facilitate unified management.

9, according to the corresponding alarm button to send a corresponding alarm voice prompt.

10, this channel lock can be selected according to the following: double door, access control, alarm controller, smoke sensor, magnetic lock, voice alarm and so on.

11. The solid locking tongue provides strong protection against external pull of 2200 lbs (1000 kg) and a fire resistance of 90-120 minutes.