What are the factors to consider before the lock is purchased?

- Dec 07, 2018-

What are the factors to consider before the lock is purchased?

With the rapid development of pillar industries such as residential, automobile, medium and high-end office buildings and hotels in China, and the increasing demand for high-precision lock products for defense, public security, and financial systems, the prospect of the high-end lock market is optimistic. The door lock itself is an ornament. If there is a problem with the material or plating, it may cause rust and discoloration of the coating. It is recommended to use copper plating or other coating with strong adhesion and no discoloration. With the continuous improvement of living standards, the increase of consumer safety awareness, the choice of locks and the anti-theft performance of locks, determine home security. Then buy the lock is to be careful and careful. What are the precautions when purchasing a lock? What are the factors to consider before the lock is purchased? The following are the precautions for the locks that Xiaobian brings to everyone, the factors to be considered before the locks are purchased, and how to choose when purchasing the locks.

Locks purchase considerations

Consumers should choose the copper core, but it should be noted that some of the cores are plastic, only a layer of copper "copper core" is wrapped in the core. The copper-plated nickel and iron-plated nickel have almost the same appearance, but the price difference is very large. Generally, the whole copper is silent, the iron is not muted, the fine copper is fine, and the iron work is rough. When the ball type is installed, if the eccentric core is not installed, it is easy to cause problems during use. Now there is a kind of backhand, the handle is gently lifted, it can be trivial, very convenient, but it is easy to put the key in the house.

The development of science and technology has caused earth-shaking changes in human life. The fashion and technological life is the characteristic of today's society. And this kind of technological intelligence is also playing a powerful role in all walks of life. At present, China's lock industry has begun to move toward intelligence, a series of high-tech means such as fingerprint lock, iris recognition and voice control system have begun to be slowly used. In the development of locks in the future, fingerprint opening will definitely replace the key to open the door.

Agent fingerprint lock does not mean that you only sell fingerprint locks, you should consider the company's sales and capital turnover [, the general "fingerprint" these two words is a good entry point, if the selected brand manufacturers can provide fingerprints at the same time Other products will be a better choice.

Choose a good brand of products to do. The so-called good brand means that the company of this brand must have certain strength, the quality of the product must be guaranteed, the functional positioning of the product should meet the needs of the current market, and the price of the product should have an advantage. The choice of company size is in fact all for service capabilities. According to your financial strength, choose the right company size, the bigger the scale. Service capabilities should be stronger; generally can be divided into distributors, agents, regional agents, general agents.