What are the door and window hardware?

- Mar 27, 2019-

Door and window hardware can be divided into building door locks, handles, supports, hinges, hinges, door closers, handles, bolts, window hooks, anti-theft chains, induction opening and closing door devices, etc. according to the purpose.

Here are some important accessories for door and window hardware:

First, the window opener

The window opener can open a higher position ventilation window by a certain device, and the window opening execution component determines the width of the window opening, the weight of the window opener and the locking function. The angle connector is the transmission component, and its deformation determines the ability of the window opener to adapt to different window types and different installation conditions. The operating member can be in the form of a handle or rocker. There is also a manual window opener, as long as the manual window opener is suitable for hanging inside and hanging over the window.

Second, the door closer

Door closers can be divided into three types: door bottom springs, door top door closers and floor springs. The main feature of the door closer is that it is slower when it is closed, and there is no collision sound after closing. It is suitable for the door of a high-end hotel room. The door closer is divided into two types: horizontal and straight. The door and window are automatically closed after being opened.

Third, hinge

The hinge material is divided into copper and stainless steel. In order to open easily and without noise when selecting the hinge, it is better to select the ball bearing in the shaft of the hinge. When selecting the brightness of the exterior paint and plating, the gap and strength of the load-bearing wheel determine the flexibility and noise of the drawer opening and closing. The load-bearing wheel with uniform wear and rotation should be selected.

Fourth, handle

The shape and color of the handle are varied, and the handle material is copper, aluminum, stainless steel, ceramics, etc. The handles of electroplating and electrostatic painting have wear-resisting and anti-corrosion effects. In addition to matching with the decoration style of the room, they should also be able to withstand a large pulling force and play a protective role to keep the home in a safe state.

Five, the bolt

The so-called plug is a set of pins for fixing the workpiece on the jig or the mold, and a simple member for preventing opening is an anti-theft member that prevents the door and window from being opened from the outside. It is much simpler than the lock structure, except that it is locked outside the door and the bolt is in the door.


Say the track, presumably everyone should not be very strange. So what is the track in the door and window hardware? The track is a push-pull type and a translational track of the door and window. The presence of the track can facilitate the opening and closing of the door and window, prevent the wear of the edge of the door and window, and protect a door and window from a hardware. The tracks we often say include sliding door rails, drawer rails, glass pulleys, etc., and the rails in the door and window hardware are also available in a variety of materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy, plastic, etc. More popular track materials, often used to make tracks.

Seven, door suction

The role of the door in the hardware of the door and window is also not to be underestimated. Although it is just an inconspicuous gadget, its role is unimaginable. So what is the role of the door suction we are talking about? When the door is opened, a device for absorbing the door page to position the door page is to prevent the door from being closed by blowing or accidentally colliding, thereby effectively protecting the door page from being damaged by external factors, and also The door panel plays a protective role. This is the doorknob that Xiaobian understands. I can't think of a small door sucker, it will radiate such a big force.