What are the advantages and disadvantages of fingerprint locks?

- Jan 10, 2019-

What are the advantages and disadvantages of fingerprint locks?

The benefits of fingerprint locks:

First, no longer need to bring a key;

Second, don't worry about losing the key, it is broken;

Third, the child does not have to hang the key on his neck;

Fourth, the family does not need a key for each person;

5. Don't worry about going out to the garbage and blowing the door off;

6. No longer need a lover/parent to get up in the middle of the night to open the door;

Seven, guests can add fingerprints at any time, can also be deleted at any time;

Eight, no longer have to worry about having friends come to your home to take the keys;

Nine, the babysitter after leaving the house / renting a house for rent without changing the lock, eliminating fingerprints on the line;

X. The fingerprint collection of the fingerprint lock is a live fingerprint collector, and the “dry fingerprint” is invalid (ie, the fingerprint of the broken finger or the artificial fingerprint is invalid)

XI, hotel card type locks are easy to be copied, prepared (fingerprints can not be copied, customers can be eliminated after check-out, and customers are more assured to stay, no longer worry about private detectives, etc.)

Twelve, the password lock can be opened with a password, but the password may be forgotten, the security is also general, the IC card door lock, etc. can be prepared in the key distribution place.

Thirteen, who in today's society does not have a key, the consequences of not having a key should be very clear, but remember: Do not climb the wall over the window, life is the most important, sometimes a lock can also change your destiny;

Advantages of fingerprint recognition:

1. Fingerprints are unique features of the human body and their complexity is sufficient to provide sufficient features for authentication;

2, if you want to increase reliability, just register more fingerprints, identify more fingers, up to ten, and each fingerprint is unique;

3, the speed of scanning fingerprints is very fast, very convenient to use;

4. When reading the fingerprint, the user must touch the finger and the fingerprint collection head to each other, directly with the fingerprint collection head;

5. Contact is the most reliable method for reading biological characteristics of the human body;

6, the fingerprint collection head can be more miniaturized, and the price will be more low;

Advantages of fingerprint lock:

1, security, ordinary mechanical lock key can be copied, after the use of others, the owner is not assured, the fingerprint is unique, there are no two identical fingerprints in the world.

2, convenience, do not have to carry the key with you, and is the key that will never be lost, a person's fingerprint will not change for life, once input fingerprint, can be used for life. And a person can enter fingerprints of different fingers. Touch to open, reverse to lock.

3, extensibility, can accommodate 120 fingerprints, and can be free to register input fingerprints, delete fingerprints, manage fingerprints very conveniently, save the trouble of preparing keys and recovering keys compared with ordinary mechanical locks, especially suitable for office use Room and rental room.

4, long-term maintenance-free, ordinary mechanical locks have a short service life, and are prone to failure during use, have to break into the door, and the fingerprint lock basically does not malfunction

5, the recognition rate is high, the rejection rate is less than 1%, the false recognition rate is less than one millionth, and the fingerprint can be correctly compared within 360° arbitrary angle.

6, fashion, fingerprint technology is the direction of the development of locks, the use of fingerprint locks represents fashion, noble, cutting-edge. The design is stylish and generous.

7, after-sales service for free maintenance for life.

The shortcomings of fingerprint recognition:

1. Some people or certain groups have fewer fingerprint fingerprint features and are difficult to image;

2. In the past, because of the use of fingerprints in criminal records, some people were afraid to “record fingerprints”.

3. In fact, the current fingerprint authentication technology may not store any data containing a fingerprint image, but only store the encrypted fingerprint feature data obtained from the fingerprint;

4. Each time the fingerprint is used, the fingerprint of the user is left on the fingerprint collection head, and these fingerprint traces have the possibility of being used to copy the fingerprint.