Tubular lever lock (Lever lock)

- Feb 04, 2019-

Lever lock structure: lock, tribute bar slot, drive shaft point, spring, lever, lock block. In fact, it may have two to ten levers, depending on the level of security required by the lock. The purpose of the key is to move the free end of the lever to a position where the square stop on the lock door can enter the groove in the lever so that the lock door can be withdrawn and unlocked. How can the profile of the flagpole key just push the lever into position and allow the stop to slide into its slot, as you can imagine if there are a few more levers, then the key should have several toothed Complete the positioning of the lever work.

Tubular hammer with a hollow wheel bar, and in the keyhole also has a raised bar, the hollow part is just such a set of sleeves, as when the key rotation of the bearing, and the key positioning, such as the flagpole key, There is no fixed bearing when turning inside the lock.

Lever lock with plain key. Abroad, many leveraged lock with flat key or grooved cylinder key. But in China, the lever lock with flagpole key or tubular key. This type of lock may be equipped with a key shape, flat key, tubular key, ditch key, and flagpole keys. Although the key is different, but the principle of leverage locks are the same. There is a ditch key, just like a simple key, which requires a correspondingly shaped keyhole in the key; the key can be inserted, thus increasing the security of the lock.