Track classification

- Mar 24, 2019-

1, roller type

Such slides have been around for a long time, and are the first generation of silent drawer slides. Since 2005, the new generation of furniture has been slowly replaced by steel ball slides. The structure of the roller slide rail is relatively simple. It consists of one pulley and two rails. It can cope with the daily push-pull needs, but the bearing capacity is poor, and it does not have the function of buffering and rebounding. It is commonly used with computer keyboard drawers and light drawers.

2, steel ball type

The steel ball slide is basically a two-section, three-section metal slide rail. The more common structure is mounted on the side of the drawer, which is simple to install and saves space. The good quality steel ball slide rail can ensure smooth sliding and large bearing capacity. This kind of slide rail can have the function of buffering off or pressing and rebounding. In modern furniture, steel ball slides are gradually replacing roller-type slide rails, becoming the main force of modern furniture slides.

3, gear type

These types of slide rails have hidden slide rails, riding rails and other types of slide rails, which are medium-to-high-grade slide rails. The gear structure is used to make the slide rails very smooth and synchronized. Such slide rails also have buffer closure or compression rebound. The opening function is mostly used in medium and high-grade furniture. Because the price is relatively expensive, it is rare in modern furniture, so it is not as popular as steel ball slides. This kind of slide is the future trend.

4, damping rail

This kind of slide rail is different from the above three slide rails. It uses the cushioning performance of the liquid to achieve an ideal sound-absorbing effect. It slows down the closing speed of the drawer, especially when it reaches the last distance, slows down the speed and reduces the impact. Force, so the closing of the drawer will be softer, reducing the wear and tear of the furniture wood, and the production process of the sliding rail is very good, so the quality is very high. In addition, the effect of the damping pulley ensures a long time. It is not used for maintenance and has been favored by many manufacturers.