Trace identification lock material How to choose home accessories

- Nov 27, 2018-

Trace identification lock material How to choose home accessories

First, functional accessories

For our home life, some accessories that protect the home and reduce the use of steps, such as locks, hinges, rails and other accessories, can be called functional accessories.

The ball lock has gradually withdrawn from the lock market. Instead, it is a three-in-one handle lock that combines switch, decoration and handle. It can be divided into space aluminum, stainless steel, copper die-casting, zinc alloy, etc. according to the materials used.

The handle locks made of aluminum and stainless steel in space are bright and lustrous, and the hand feels soft. Even if it is dyed by sweat and water vapor for a long time, it will not fade easily. The surface of the zinc alloy handle lock is copper-plated. It is similar to the copper die-cast handle lock. To distinguish between two locks, use a trowel to slap at the lock bottom of the lock. The material is identified by the scar: the copper color is copper die-cast material. Silver-white is a zinc alloy material.

2, the hinge

The hinge needs to open and close more than 10 times a day, so the quality of the hinge determines the performance of the furniture.

The surface of the good hinge is flat and the material is firm and not deformed. Since most of the hinges are nickel-plated, they look shiny, and the real high-quality hinges are coated with a layer of acid copper before nickel plating, and the surface is hinged with a utility knife. A knife, if you can see the yellow copper layer, it means that it is a real hinge. Another way to distinguish it is to look at the hinge cup (that is, the recessed part of the hinge) with black or iron-like color. It means that the plating layer is very thin, there is no copper plating, and the quality is not good.

3, the rail

Whether the drawers at home can be freely and smoothly pushed and pulled, and the load-bearing weight is good. The quality of the slide rails is good or bad. The slide rail has two types of bottom rails and side rails, and the bottom rails are more convenient to use than the side rails, and are not prone to problems.

The high-quality slide rail has low resistance and long service life, which makes the drawer open and close smoothly. The quality of the slide rails is the most important thing for us. To check the load-bearing capacity of the slide rails, the drawer can be pulled out completely, and the outer edge of the front side of the drawer is pressed by hand while the front tilt of the drawer is viewed from the side. The smaller the forward tilt, the stronger the load bearing capacity of the slide rail.

The steel rails are dark silver in color and have a fine texture, and the steel rails are thicker than aluminum rails. The powdered steel rails are lighter in color than steel drawers and are light silver grey. They are thinner than steel rails but thicker than aluminum rails.

The inside of the slide rail is its bearing structure, which is directly related to its load-bearing capacity. At present, the large proportion of the market is the steel ball slide rails. The steel ball slide rails automatically remove the dust and dirt on the slide rails by rolling the steel balls, thereby ensuring the cleanliness of the slide rails and not affecting the sliding function due to the dirt entering the interior. At the same time, the steel ball can spread the force around, ensuring the stability of the drawer horizontally and vertically.

Second, decorative accessories

Decorative accessories are usually both practical and decorative. However, because they are used in a more conspicuous position, they play a visual balance. They can be used in the interior by using their linear sense and materials and colors. Decorative effect.

1, handle

A wooden strip or metal object that is mounted on a door, window, cabinet or drawer to facilitate hand-switching is a handle. Because the replacement is convenient, there are many materials for the handle, such as single metal, alloy, plastic, log, ceramic, glass, plastic, marble, etc.; the shape of the handle has tubular shape, strip shape, spherical shape and various geometric shapes; The distinction can be divided into single strip, double head, exposed, closed and so on.

Most of the handles are relatively small, only to meet the switch requirements of drawers and cabinets. The handles of quality clearance can take a long time. When choosing a handle, first consider whether the color of the handle matches the style and color of the cabinet, the drawer, and then consider the style. Generally speaking, the handle of metal or alloy material is relatively stable, and it can be used for a long time, and the tensile force that can be withstood is relatively large.

2, waist line

The waist line is a kind of construction decoration. It generally refers to the horizontal horizontal line on the wall of the building. On the outer wall surface, the brick is usually picked up by 60×120mm on the upper or lower edge of the window to make a long horizontal belt. Mainly for decorative purposes. This is often seen in some of the earlier buildings that are relatively simple to decorate and are now more common in bathroom walls.

The material of the waistline is mainly made of ceramic tiles and mosaics, and other materials are also available. The special waist line bricks are mostly printed bricks with various exquisite pattern patterns. In order to match the specifications of the wall tiles, the waist line bricks are set to 6 cm high and 20 cm wide. The paving is more convenient and the visual effect is atmospheric. tidy. In addition to the tiles, the bathroom's waistline can also be used to mosaic a horizontal line of tiles. Most people choose to use the waistline brick for the waistline. The tile material and the wall tile can be well blended, which saves a lot of time compared to the mosaic tile.

3, the baseboard

It can make a strong skirting line between the wall and the ground, which can reduce the deformation of the wall and avoid damage caused by external force collision. In addition, the baseboard is also easier to scrub. If you drag the dirty water, it is very convenient to scrub. In addition to its own function of protecting the wall, the baseboard also occupies a considerable proportion of the proportion of the home. It is the outline of the ground, and the line of sight often falls naturally.

At present, the baseboards are mainly made of ceramics, glass, stone, wood, PVC, aluminum alloy, etc. according to the materials. If you choose ceramic skirting, it is generally recommended to choose the same skirting material as the floor tile. If you choose antique brick, you can consider the glazed skirting.

For the color choice of the baseboard, one is the approaching method and the other is the contrast method. The approach method is that the color of the baseboard is the same or close to the color of the floor tile. The contrast method is the contrast between the color of the baseboard and the color of the floor tile.

Third, structural accessories

Some accessories support the main structure of our house and maintain the structural stability of the doors and windows. It is an essential key accessory.

1, pass the door stone

Due to the difference in the paving methods of the floor materials in different rooms, the thickness of the ground is different. To solve the difference between the interior and the outside of the room, the transfer of the two materials also needs to be transitioned. The ground inside and outside the bathroom should also consider the flow of blocking water, and at the same time To the effect of beauty, it is the way to solve these problems.

The stone passing through the door is generally made of a whole slate. If the whole stone cannot be installed due to the limitation of the stone size, the two halves of the halved stone must not be used. It is best to divide the three pieces into half, first in half, in the middle. The remaining half is divided into two halves and placed on both sides. If you can only use two, you must use two unequal points and sew.

Pay attention to the difference between the inside and the outside when installing the door stone. The door stone at the door of the bathroom is recommended to be slightly 5~10 mm above the bathroom floor. It can stop the water from flowing out slightly, and minimize the squat under the foot; the outside of the bathroom door is less than 20 mm below the door stone, also to reduce the squat and prevent falling, and the standard stone thickness is usually around 18~20 mm.

2, the door cover

The door cover is commonly known as the door frame. It refers to the decorative shape around the door. It bears the weight of the entire interior door and can echo the overall decoration style.

Most of the door covers are made of wood, mainly solid wood laminates and MDF, and now also have alloy materials. When the use time is long, there will be problems such as the door cannot be closed and the door cover is black. If there is a problem with most wooden doors, it is mainly a problem with the door. Generally speaking, the door (door leaf) and the door cover are together. The essence of the problem is that the door leaf and the door cover are not necessarily the same material, and the solid wood door leaf does not mean that the solid wood door cover is used. If the solid wood door is made of a MDF, since it does not contain wood fiber, it is easy to foam when it is in contact with water, which will cause the door frame to be deformed. Therefore, it is best to ask whether the door cover and the door leaf are a material at the time of purchase.

3, window frame

The window frame is a transition layer between the wall and the window, which acts as a fixing and prevents the surrounding wall from collapsing. Because the shape of the glass is strange, the texture of the window frame is often a plastically strong substance, such as wood, plastic, and so on.

For the material of the window frame, different materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the selection of the window frame type according to the budget and requirements.

The wooden window frame is convenient for on-site processing, but due to the use of wood, the waterproof and fireproof performance is poor; the steel window frame is convenient for industrial production and mass production, but the weight and the gap are large, and the on-site processing is difficult; the aluminum alloy window frame is produced by the profile factory. Can be processed on site, but the gap is large, heat conduction is fast, which is not conducive to warmth; plastic steel window frame sealing performance is good, can effectively ensure indoor temperature, heat conduction is slow, the disadvantage is that on-site processing is difficult; and the glass curtain wall has good integrity, beautiful appearance, but the cost Large, requires special technology, suitable for large public buildings. Most of the houses are made of aluminum alloy and plastic steel for window frames.

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