Three latest anti-theft locks recommended

- Aug 10, 2018-

Three latest anti-theft locks recommended:

Buying burglar-proof devices is not enough, because the installation of burglar-proof devices is also a technical activity, if altered without authorization, it is likely to damage the vehicle electrical equipment. Car burglar theft is divided into the active and passive anti-theft two kinds, the active anti-theft electronic burglar anti-theft device is the main, the passive anti-theft products with mechanical lock products are the main brand of the anti-theft device on the market, and the good and bad are different, the car is mainly selected and bought.

Recommendation 1: traditional anti-theft locks.

The traditional anti-theft locks have these steering wheel locks, which are mainly baseball locks, T locks and giant nail locks. Features: cheap and reliable, but repeated installation is annoying.

Traditional burglar lock

"The simpler the structure is, the more reliable the performance is". This sentence also applies to car burglar theft. For mechanical anti-theft locks, is one of the simplest economic anti-theft means. At present, the market sales of mechanical anti-theft lock for steering wheel lock, baseball lock, T lock and giant armor, the price is from low to high, from dozens to hundreds of yuan. This type of anti-theft lock is mainly fixed on the steering wheel, so that the car theft can not turn the steering wheel to play a security effect. The disadvantage is that it is more troublesome.

Recommendation two: electronic burglar alarm.

Basic anti-theft alarm, high grade remote alarm, remote monitoring. Features: need special person installation

The electronic anti-theft lock is the most commonly used anti-theft lock, which is more than less than the previous one. The modern electronic anti-theft device has been very powerful, not only with a simple anti-theft alarm function, some high-end products even have remote alarm (with the alarm of automatic call to the owner of the car), remote monitoring (can be used in the mobile phone monitoring car) and other functions.


Experts suggest that consumers should buy electronic theft-proof devices from a single brand franchise or a regular automobile supply store because there are so many brands of electronic theft-proof devices on the market at present. It is also necessary to install in a professional technology area. If the installation is not good, it will cause damage to the car.

Recommendation three: Auto remote anti-theft tracker, fingerprint anti-theft device.

The car burglar tracker is a high-tech anti-theft product which integrates GPS satellite positioning technology, GSM network digital mobile communication technology and automobile anti-theft technology. It is a new generation of automobile anti-theft products after one way anti-theft device and two-way anti-theft device. Using mobile communication network, the problem of distance limitation and easy to solve is solved. In addition to the ordinary anti-theft function, but also with mobile phone control, SMS positioning, remote monitoring, remote alarm, voice prompt operation and other functions. Whenever and wherever you want, you can monitor your car by phone, so that it can get the best protection.

Car remote burglar tracker and fingerprint burglar:

Now the most important burglar anti-theft devices are electronic burglar burglar devices and car remote burglar trackers and fingerprint burglar burglar devices, but some owners have been using traditional anti-theft devices. Therefore, the choice of anti-theft device to see the needs and habits of car owners.