The trend of smart homes hits the high-end intelligent into the mainstream of hardware locks

- Dec 11, 2018-

The trend of smart homes hits the high-end intelligent into the mainstream of hardware locks

With the acceleration of social informatization, people's work, life, communication and information are increasingly closely related. While transforming people's lifestyles and work habits, the information society has also challenged traditional houses. The social, technological, and economic advances have further changed people's minds. Smart, environmentally friendly, and energy-saving have become new consumer concepts. Future homes may have many types of household equipment connected to the central unit that provides overall control through the home network bus. Building this “smart home” involves technology. Standard, installation and maintenance work.

The arrival of the intelligent era provides more convenience for everyone's life. A variety of electronic devices can operate with little or no need to ask questions. The realization of any equipment automation allows everyone to spend less time dealing with trivial matters at home, and put more time on important things to improve the quality of life.

The high-end intelligentization of hardware locks is the mainstream. Some professionals said: "From the market trend in recent years, intelligent, environmentally friendly and energy-saving hardware products are increasingly favored by consumers. China's high-end hardware products have a large market space, and the growth trend of top products is special. Obviously, users also extend from the top five-star hotels in the world to high-end residential projects that are positioned as luxury homes."

On the one hand, high-end locks have high technology content, more prominent humanization and individualized features, and are sought after by consumers; on the other hand, products with high technology content have higher profits, and businesses are naturally optimistic. Therefore, improving the technological content of products, upgrading product grades, and increasing the added value of products are the most important.

At present, smart locks with high technology content, including password locks, IC card locks, and fingerprint locks, have gradually gained recognition from mid- to high-end consumers due to their unique convenience and technology, and adopt biometric technology. The fingerprint lock has a broader market prospect because of the uniqueness, non-replicability, easy to carry, unforgettable, and non-lost characteristics of the fingerprint.

The rise of biometric technology applications and the development of smart locks and smart hardware have jointly raised locks and hardware applications to a new level. I believe that smart homes will prevail in our lives in the near future.