The safe password forgot to open

- May 17, 2019-

First, emergency method one

1. First, you can use the emergency key to force open, because each safe will be equipped with an emergency key when you sell it. If you forget the password, you can use the main key to open the safe, and then follow the instructions to reset the password. .

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2. Contact the safe seller or directly contact the technical department of the production company for assistance. Some Vaults can reset the password with the original password.

3. If the above methods do not work, go to the formal unlocking company (must be in the police record) for help.

Second, emergency method two

Mechanical password

The type of dialing the dial; the original password is queried by the manufacturer according to the factory number;

1. Align the first group of password numbers to the right three times to the baseline.

2. Align the second group of password numbers to the left twice to the baseline.

3. Align the third group of password numbers to the right once to the baseline.

Simply put: right three left and two right one


1, see the number once

2. If the last digit of each dial is turned over, it is necessary to start over and not turn.

Electronic password

1. It is recommended to enter the original factory password, try 1234, 123456 or 168, or 666666 to see if it can be opened.

2. Use the mechanical emergency key to open the safe. Use the reset button in the box (the brand is different, and it is also possible that the button on the inside of the box is the change button) to reset the password or directly change the password.