The number of locks to be re-locked

- Feb 24, 2019-

The number of locks to be relocked

For some homeowners and even commercial real estate managers, key updates can be made to establish a master key system. To achieve this, several locks are typically relocked at any given time. Master key systems work differently, but they usually allow one key to open multiple locks or the entire lock system. It all depends on the type of master key system implemented and the type of master key you choose to use.

The number of locks that must be re-encrypted also plays an important role in the cost of relocking the keys. Essentially, the total cost of rekeying will reflect the number of locks that need to be regenerated. In most cases, it can be clearly stated that four relocked locks will be equivalent to four times the cost of relocking one lock. However, most people who tend to relock keys do not always want all of these locks to use only one key.