The lock industry needs to adjust its industrial structure in the face of market competition.

- Sep 13, 2018-

The lock industry needs to adjust its industrial structure in the face of market competition.

With the arrival of knowledge economy, global economy and information society and the change of competition factors, China's lock-making industry is facing the crisis of international market competition. On the whole, there are many small and all-round production enterprises and few high-tech lock-fixture enterprises with independent intellectual property rights and patents, resulting in extremely unstable quality and abundant inferior products. Reclaim the market. Then, how can we comprehensively improve the manufacturing quality of China's locks and make the industry enter the road of integration?

How can we integrate into the international market? The development trend of lock products in China should be from: high precision, high efficiency, high firmness and multi-function; more than two specifications and varieties; three standardization, serialization and generalization, showing their characteristics; strengthening the technology and technology should be from: cutting processing technology, stamping technology, die casting technology, surface treatment technology, automatic assembly. Line and so on.

Facing the market competition, the lock industry needs to adjust its industrial structure.

China's lock industry should have an overall organizational goal, scientific and technological progress can be steadily improved year by year, such as product structure, product quality, technical equipment, innovation ability, talent structure and so on. He thinks that locks are the necessities of people's lives, a daily hardware, but also a kind of safety products, the development of this industry is good or bad, related to the safety of every family, unit, public places. With the increasing competition in the international market today, China's locks will be eliminated by the international market if they remain unconscious of innovation and stand still.

Like modern high-tech operation of Italy, the United States, Germany, Japan, Britain and France, can be called the supreme lock power, their technical level and technological level of the world's leading position. The world famous brand locks come from these countries, but with the increasingly expensive labor force in these developed countries, by the 1970s, low-grade locks production center gradually shifted to the Asian four dragons, and made great progress. By the early 1990s, Asian dragons'labor costs were rising, their competitive advantages were declining, and the global lock market was declining.

At this moment, Chinese locksmiths seized the opportunity to produce large quantities. By 1992, the total output of locksmiths in China was 1.05 billion, and more than 200 million were exported, gradually becoming a big locksmith producer. However, according to Jiuzheng Building Materials Network, so far, China's lock industry is only a growing market, according to relevant media survey, preliminary conclusion, the distribution of China's lock enterprises in the country is uneven, clustering phenomenon is prominent; disorderly competition is strict, extremely low profits, which seriously interferes with the development of the industry as a whole.