The lock industry and the copper door industry terminal docking to achieve a win-win situation

- Nov 20, 2018-

The lock industry and the copper door industry terminal docking to achieve a win-win situation

In the current door and window market, the development of the copper door industry can be described as very rapid. Consumers' preference for copper doors has gradually increased, and the use of copper doors in building renovation has become more widespread. As an important accessory for doors and windows, the demand for locks is equally wide. Then, for the copper door industry, how to effectively bridge the copper door and the lock?

Terminal docking, brand lock has the advantage that compared with the general security door, the copper door is more decorative, or hollowed out, or forged, or embossed with various patterns and auspicious patterns. In addition, some manufacturers are still under the wide range of Chinese style, plus the decorative elements of Western architecture, to create a copper door between China and the West.

In terms of practicality, the copper door is far more durable than any ordinary door. It has no problems such as deformation and cracking. It not only has strong anti-theft performance, but its service life is many times more than that of ordinary doors. In this way, with its unique exquisite craftsmanship, luxurious and elegant appearance and durable and sturdy quality, the copper door has become the first choice for financial systems, financial archives departments, residential houses and warehouses.

Of course, the price of copper doors is not low. Usually, the price of the copper door is determined by factors such as the size of the door leaf, the thickness of the door panel, the complexity of the carved decoration, and the grade of the lock. The size of the door leaf is large, the thickness of the copper plate is thick, the carving is complicated, and the price is naturally high. Then, in terms of the specifications and grades of the copper door, in addition to the coordination of the copper door, the anti-theft performance should match the copper door. Therefore, the copper door lock cannot flow regardless of the price or the quality. In normal times. The brand locks are more guaranteeing the quality of the manufacturers. Therefore, brand locks such as Mingmen, Yajie and Dinggu have become the first choice of many manufacturers.

Brand + personality + service to achieve lock enterprises and door factory terminal docking At present, the copper doors on the market have basically been matched with the locks coordinated with them, consumers do not need to buy their own. There are two ways for manufacturers to choose the right lock and copper door:

First, the door factory cooperates with the lock enterprise:

When the manufacturer produces the copper door, according to his own requirements, the lock company can make the door lock and make various decorations on the door lock to match the style of the copper door produced by the company. There are also many door factories that have begun to play their own brand hardware door locks due to the enhancement of brand awareness, and directly OEM from the hardware factory. Mr. Xiong, the dealer of the Century Center Longbao giants, told the author that the security doors, such as Panmen, such as Panpan, Jinkaide, Bida, Longbao, etc., are basically factory-mandated hardware, which has been shipped from the factory. With hardware accessories such as locks. Even manufacturers that do not produce locks will find dealers to purchase matching locks. "At present, from a national perspective, the relatively well-known door and lock production or matching companies are only Shenzhen Chang En company, and the only one." Mr. Xiong said.

Second, manufacturers go directly to the market to find lock distributors, buy matching locks:

The bronze door is suitable for breaking into cultural factors, and it also determines that the locks it has must be personalized and artistic. Therefore, many manufacturers spread the net in the market and look for suitable locks. Many lock dealers said that manufacturers come to the store to buy copper door locks. For lock dealers, 100% of dealers value and are willing to cooperate with the door enterprises, but the real cooperation with the door enterprises is only 20-30%. The most critical factor is the door locks. Personalized, fashionable, artistic, and differentiated requirements.