The installation steps and points for attention of the door lock

- Jul 21, 2018-

The installation steps and points for attention of the door lock

The door is the first pass in the room. It is an important barrier to prevent the entry of dangerous molecules and to ensure the safety of family and property. The quality of the door lock is the key index to measure the safety of the door. The effect of the door lock installation directly affects the usability and safety of the door, so every detail of the door lock installation can not be ignored, and the different types of doors have small differences in the door lock installation steps. Let's take a look at the installation steps and installation notes of the door lock together with the Xiaobian of the decoration network.

The installation steps of the door lock and the precautions for the installation are:

In the first step, according to the installation dimension of lock body, drill holes are installed.

The second step is to put the lock into the hole position in turn, find the back fixed screw, install the screw and the connecting screw on the outer panel parts, insert the connecting rod into the hole of the square rod of the lock body, the outer panel parts are aligned with the continuous square hole, and the outer panel parts are installed.

In the third step, the inner panel parts are fitted to the rear fastening screws, and the lock head body is inserted inside the lock hole from the inside to the outside, and the screw is inserted by the lock panel hole to the lock body installation hole thread to fasten. Then install the lock box or lock plate on the door frame; the fourth step, after the first installation, turn the outside hand and the inner hand to observe whether the tongue can take back and extend the tongue smoothly; turn the rear panel knob to feel the square tongue to recover smoothly; insert the key back and forth back and forth of the feeling square tongue to be withdrawn smoothly; the fifth step, fastening the assembly screws. After repeating the above movements, test several times. If the movements are not smooth, loosening the screws, adjust the position and try again until appropriate.

Special attention should be paid to the installation of a spherical door lock: it can only be taken out with the end of the insurance, and the end of the key must not be removed. It is best to read the instructions carefully. Special attention should be paid when installing the door lock: left open and right open swap to bring the handle up when opening the door, because the middle and high grade lock on the market has the function of right and left interchangeably at present, without considering the direction of opening the door. In time, we must use the one to one installation instructions provided by the original plant. When installing, the surface of the door lock must not touch with paint or two class of chemicals. Coating on the surface of the door lock.