The important of the hotel lock and the home lock

- Feb 10, 2019-

The important of the hotel lock and the home lock

The survey shows that the average vacationer's suitcase is now worth an astonishing £3,141, including mobile phones, tablets,digital cameras and designer items.

The survey also shocked the discovery that more than half (51% of respondents) used to know that someone had stolen an item from their room when they actually entered the room, and more than 70.66% of people either fell asleep, in the bathroom, or distracted. Theft has occurred and has also caused serious personal safety problems. Cash, jewelry, cell phones and cameras are among the most stolen items. Most of these thefts occurred in Spain. The survey showed that one of the three of us (32.3%) left valuables in our room, and the shocking 44% said they often did not use safes in hotel rooms. 

Even more surprising is that more than one-fifth of holidaymakers admit that they do not always purchase travel insurance before going abroad. Almost half of those who actually buy insurance admit that if they are victims of theft, they will not check which of their items will be insured. 

The survey also highlighted that 36% believe that personal safety is related to the choice of destination, and more than a quarter (26%) say that concerns about safety prevent them from traveling alone.

As a country, we rely on our valuables, even on vacation, especially for laptops, iPads and mobile phones. When you relax and play, you can easily relax your vigilance in terms of safety, especially if the hotel room is clearly safe. But if you value personal property and want to keep yourself and your family safe when you are away from home, you really should find a way to ensure that your room lock cannot be broken."