The future development trend of lock hardware

- Nov 21, 2018-

The future development trend of lock hardware  

The hardware of locks is closely related to our society, because it is related to the safety of every family, unit and public place. With the advancement of the times, various types of hardware locks with different styles, materials, structures and functions are emerging one after another. At the same time, locks have a very important relationship with safety as a special commodity. With the rapid development of pillar industries such as residential, hardcover, medium and high-end office buildings and hotels in China, the demand for high-precision lock products will increase. .

Over the past 30 years of reform and opening up, the scale of China's lock hardware industry has continued to grow, product coverage has been continuously broadened, corporate brands have gradually strengthened, and industry competition has become hot. At present, China's most important lock production bases are concentrated in Zhejiang and Guangdong. In terms of product types, padlocks, ball locks, handle locks, etc. still have a large market space, but special-purpose lock products are also taking place with the development of upstream products. Changes, smart locks, building walkie-talkies have become an indispensable functional product in modern social life.

In our home furnishing, the door lock is like the heart of the door. It is undoubtedly a top priority. Many companies realize that improving the technological content of products, upgrading product grades, and increasing the added value of products can have a place in today's market competition. With the advancement of society, science and technology and culture, the safety of mechanical locks has become increasingly unable to meet the needs of consumers. To some extent, the strength of security measures has a certain connection with identity, status and commonality.

Nowadays, when people buy lock products, in addition to pursuing traditional practicality and safety, they also pay more and more attention to the shape of lock products. The decorative locks have become the new favorite of the market, and the development trend of lock products has turned to the ranks of decorative hardware. The decorative taste of the lock products is getting more and more thick, and the lock hardware is part of the home decoration design. Therefore, the home decoration design and cultural factors will inevitably affect the development of the locks and supporting hardware, and the innovation of the lock hardware can also bring new highlights to the home decoration design. Variety.

Consumers pay attention to the humanization of products. The hardware of locks needs to be based on the application of the products, user needs and usage habits. The locks have been completely designed to meet the needs of consumers, focusing on the needs and experiences of users. The consumption of mainstream personality and the development of functional hardware will enhance the lock hardware application to a new height, and product functionalization is a popular choice.

In the past, low-cost competition, lock hardware manufacturers usually use Kung Fu for low-end products. With the changes in market trends in recent years, intelligence and environmental protection have become new consumer concepts. Due to the long-term low-cost competition in the lock hardware industry, The practice of reducing profits has made it difficult for the enterprise competition system to upgrade. Nowadays, in the new market situation, lock hardware manufacturers should improve the added value and profit of products by improving management and developing new products, aiming at the mainstream personality of current consumption. Gradually update the product system to form a sustainable development of high quality and good price, and the survival of the fittest. This is also the way to the future development of lock hardware.

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