The fingerprint lock function that allows us to open our brains

- Nov 28, 2018-

The fingerprint lock function that allows us to open our brains

In our impression, the lock is a household product that is used to lock the door and prevent others from entering. The key that is carried around with you every day is the only tool that is properly opened. However, with the changes in technology, our locks have also undergone earth-shaking changes. Today, the field of locks is no longer the world of mechanical key locks. Locks such as fingerprint locks and card locks have a good scale, and mechanical key locks are separated. In the world, these emerging locks are the technology and function conquerors of the key locks, especially the fingerprint locks that integrate computer information technology, electronic technology, mechanical technology and modern hardware technology. The function of the opening makes the lock not just a lock.

1. Going out without a key with a key, you can open the door. Modern people must go out with three items: wallet, key and mobile phone. A bunch of heavy keys often bring us a lot of annoyance. It is. If you forget to bring the key, you can't enter the house. You can only wait for the lock to be anxious.

The appearance of the fingerprint lock is a good solution to this problem. It uses human fingerprint as the unlocking symbol. As long as the fingerprint does not use the key, through the comparison of the fingerprint, combined with computer information technology, electronic technology and other technologies to open the door lock, the finger can be opened easily, the unlocking time is only 0.01 seconds, convenient Fast.

With the fingerprint lock, we can open the heavy key, no need to go to work time to find the key when going out, no need to be denied the door without leaving the key after work, just want to enter the finger anytime, anywhere turn on.

2, the thief slams the door, automatically sounds an alarm

The installation of the lock at home is nothing more than a safe picture, but the internal structure of the traditional lock is relatively simple, the professional can open in a few seconds, and the safety performance is very low. The fingerprint lock sparrow is small, but it is composed of electronic motherboards, mechanical ferrules, fingerprint collectors and other components. The cooperation between these components gives the fingerprint lock more intelligence. For example, when subjected to external violence, an early warning sound can be issued, causing the attention of the surrounding people and shocking the thief.

3, link the Internet, smarter and safer In addition, the fingerprint lock can also link to the Internet through the docking with the relevant smart home, and form a linkage with the home security network to achieve more intelligent linkage function, regardless of whether the thief is a trick or a window Entering the "protection net" that can't escape them.