The difference between the quality of the hinge material What are the harms of the inferior hinge?

- Mar 29, 2019-

The hinge, as an indispensable item in the decoration hardware, although not directly touched every day, but inseparable from life, such as the hinge of the door, the hinge of the door and window, etc., its importance can not be ignored.

I think many people will encounter this situation at home. The hinge of the door, once used for a long time, often hears the sound of "squeaky" when opening and closing the door. Most of these inferior hinges are made of iron and iron balls. They are not wearable for a long time and are easy to rust. They are easy to fall off after a long time, resulting in loose or deformed doors.

Moreover, when the rusted hinge is opened and closed, it will cause a harsh sound. This is easy for some elderly people who have poor sleep quality and those who are just sleeping, and it is easy for many friends to wake up. One thing that bothers. Some friends will choose to drop some lubricants, so that the hinges can alleviate the friction, but always cure the roots, the ball structure inside the key hinge is rusted, and can not produce a good operating cycle.

Let me introduce to you the difference between inferior hinges and high quality hinges.

In the market, most inferior hinges are made of iron, with a thickness of less than 3 mm. Generally, the surface is rough, the coating is uneven, there are impurities, some lengths are different, the hole position, the hole distance, etc. Meet the renovation requirements. Moreover, the disadvantage of the ordinary hinge is that it does not have the function of a spring hinge. After the hinge is installed, various beads must be installed, otherwise the door panel will be blown. The quality hinges are made of 304 stainless steel and have a thickness of 3 mm. The color is uniform and the processing is exquisite. It can obviously feel heavy and thick in the hand, and the hinge is flexible and flipped. There is no “stagnation” phenomenon, the hand feel is fine, and the corners have no cutting edge.

The above is to distinguish the difference in quality from the appearance and material of the hinge. Let's talk about the difference between the inside and outside of the hinge.

The core of the hinge is that the bearings, smoothness, comfort and durability are all determined by the bearings.

The inferior hinge bearing is made of iron sheet, which is not durable, easy to rust and lack of friction, so that the switch door will make a "squeaky" sound for a long time. The high-quality hinge bearings are made of stainless steel and are equipped with all-steel precision balls. The true ball bearings, bearing and feel are up to international standards. It guarantees the flexibility and smoothness of opening the door, mainly silent and silent.