The difference between door suction and door touch

- Mar 24, 2019-

The difference between the door suction and the door touch Door suction is also commonly known as the door collision. It is also a device that attracts the positioning after the door is opened to prevent the wind from blowing or touching the door page and closing. Door suction is divided into two types: permanent magnet door suction and electromagnetic door suction. Permanent magnet door suction is generally used in ordinary doors and can only be controlled manually. Electromagnetic door suction is used in electric control door and window equipment such as fire doors, and has manual control and automatic control. control function. The door is usually mounted on one side of the wall and on the ground side of the door leaf---fixed to the position where the door is fully open or needs to be opened. The function is to prevent the door from hitting the wall or the door protruding from the door from hitting the wall, and preventing the door from being closed except for opening the rear wind. The decoration has a magnet adsorption type; a friction clip type; a lock type. The first two can be detached with a little effort, and the latter requires a pedal to release the device. The latter kind of anti-accident closure is very safe.