The development trend of fingerprint lock recognition will be combined with IC card lock

- Nov 17, 2018-

The development trend of fingerprint lock recognition will be combined with IC card lock

The fingerprint lock market is gradually maturing

With the improvement of the security requirements for access control, the market for fingerprint locks is slowly opening. At present, there are quite a few luxury buildings and large-scale projects using fingerprint lock products. In the case that the civilian market has not yet opened, engineering projects, hotels, government agencies and other engineering projects have become the first choice for fingerprint lock manufacturers.

History has proven that the emergence of every new technology will bring huge opportunities for wealth. History also proves that in the market fight of high-tech products, only those companies with leading technologies and brands can laugh at the end. In fact, the core technology of biometric identification has long been mature, but there are still obstacles in the development and application. As early as a few years ago, a number of fingerprint lock manufacturers have emerged, but most of them have been sold out. The concept of this group of manufacturers can be said to be two or three shots faster than the market, too advanced, but abandoned by the market, but They have played a very good role in enlightening fingerprint locks into the Chinese market, especially the engineering market.

In the next few years, with consumers' awareness of fingerprint locks, market recognition of fingerprint locks, and the establishment of sales networks, fingerprint locks will inevitably have a revolutionary impact on the lock market. With the popularity of fingerprint lock technology, the lucrative profit of fingerprint locks will inevitably lead to the investment of many manufacturers, which will result in the expansion of production capacity in the same period far exceeding the expansion speed of the consumer market in the same period. Although the size of the lock market has increased, the market competition will inevitably become fierce.