The consumption upgrade of the door lock market has arrived

- Jan 23, 2019-

The consumption upgrade of the door lock market has arrived

When it comes to consumption upgrades, many people generally believe that Internet products such as e-commerce platforms and pan-entertainment platforms are the most affected. In fact, traditional hardware is also trying to upgrade with this trend, especially when it is being updated.

From the relatively intuitive market performance of consumption upgrades, on the one hand, the rise of the new generation of consumer groups, the so-called new middle class. On the other hand, the changing trend of consumer attitudes is also stimulating the advancement of emerging markets. Taking these two aspects as the starting point, it can be seen that the consumption upgrade has been scraped into the smart door lock market.

Of course, the consumption range of smart door locks is much wider than that of the new middle class. Compared with the market potential of the new middle class, the key to stimulating the desire to buy smart locks is actually the change of consumption concept. For example, scenes and design aesthetics have become the primary purchasing factor for consumers in many consumer sectors. In the smart door lock market, Alibaba Cloud's report shows that the appearance has unexpectedly surpassed the importance of performance.

With the drive of consumption upgrades, the industry may usher in new opportunities. To ignite the needs of users, sometimes it is a phenomenon-level product, and sometimes it is the concentrated outbreak of promotion, which is a matter of time. As long as the internal and external factors of the time period work together, this opportunity will always come.