The common phases and terms of the door lock

- Feb 08, 2019-

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Terms of lock performance 

Security chain:

After the security chain is hung, and the door is opened, outsiders cannot enter, nor can the safety chain to be removed. The security chain can withstand the prescribed impact force.


The lock cylinder is machined with steps to prevent the use of thin steel sheets or other objects inserted between gap of cylinder core and cylinder housing to separate the upper and lower pins.


Use a special tool {with respect to the key) within the specified time and do not open the lock.


Use a drill (with a 6mm drill bit for a double-leaf door lock) to drill the upper and lower pins. It should not allow to be damage by drilling.


After the latch of lock is extended, pressurize it with the specified weight, and it must not exceed the allowable loosening and indentation of the standard.


After the lock is installed on the door, the lock cannot be removed from the exterior.

Self-protection of bolt:

The bolt itself is on behalf of the insurance, when the lock is locked and the bolt is extended, the bolt cannot be retracted into the mortise lock.

Quality terms:

When people talk about quality of door security locks, they often involve technical terms such as density, robustness, flexibility, and durability, which are the most important indicators for evaluating the quality the door handle locks.

Back lock:

When you release the back lock from the interior side, the key cannot unlock from the exterior.


Durability is a specific indicator for measuring the service life of door locks and handles. It is one of the important indicators for evaluating door locks.


Fastness is a measure of the tensile, compressive, and torsional endurance of each riveted piece and assembly in the door lock structure and the comprehensive indicator of the service life of door lock key.

Key different:

The number of pin different in the key refers to the actual number of arranged keys. The larger its value, the higher the density of the lock.


Flexibility is a technical indicator for determining whether a handle lock for doors is easy to use. It includes the opening and closing of the lock, the insertion and removal of the key, performance of cylinder, handle, the latch and bolt.

Cross opening:

In the same type of lock, unlocking the lock by the key from the other lock is called cross opening. The smaller rate of cross opening means higher security of the lock.


Security refers to the safety and reliability of the home security locks and the ability to prevent from opening through illegal way. Each set of keys of the lock has different pin number and mutual opening rate, which is an important indicator. Different types of front door security locks also provide different insurance devices and defensive measures.