The advantages of face recognition smart door lock

- May 22, 2019-

First, convenient and fast

One of the biggest advantages of the face recognition door lock is that it is convenient and fast. It adopts the automatic recognition mode, and the user can directly recognize and touch the high-end touch screen function without touching the device, which brings great convenience to the user to open the door and lock the door normally, which is very economical. time. In addition, the face recognition door lock can automatically update the face template, regardless of time and span, storing family information, greatly reducing the time to set the identification information.

Second, non-replicability

The good quality face recognition door lock adopts the latest biometric recognition technology, and uses human biometrics to confirm the identity by observing other people's face information, including stereo and live conditions, and has natural speech recognition and body shape recognition. The whole identification method is non-replicable, which can largely prevent information from being disguised and protect the safety of the house.

Third, a variety of ways to open the door

With the face recognition door lock, even if the recognition function fails, the user does not need to worry, and other door opening methods can be adopted. The general face recognition door locks include password, IC card, remote control, key and other opening methods, which can effectively solve the occurrence of unexpected situations and avoid unnecessary troubles.

Fourth, creativity

Smart locks are not only designed to suit people's tastes, but even create smart locks that feel like smart phones. Intelligent locks have been quietly listed.

V. Interactivity

The face recognition smart door lock has built-in embedded processor and intelligent monitoring. It has the ability to interact with the visitor at any time, and can actively report the visitor status of the TV on the same day. On the other hand, visitors can even remotely control the smart door lock to open the door for visiting guests.