The advantages and disadvantages of split door locks, which is better than that of integrated locks?

- Jul 09, 2018-

The first thing is to look at security. The most important thing is to watch the lock, the key and the lock. As far as possible, we choose more lock cores for marble eyes. We can distinguish the key from the teeth. The more the more the teeth, the less we can not buy the lock core which is less than four teeth. If you want to buy more insurance for the lock body, it is better to have a double tongue or a tongue.

Second should pay attention to the material. In terms of material quality, from good to bad, copper, stainless steel, zinc alloy, aluminum, iron and so on are in great order. According to the budget and needs, we should try to choose a door lock with high cost performance and good safety performance.

Third should pay attention to color, style collocation. The door locks on the market are different in color and the style of door locks is varied. When choosing, you should pay attention to the collocation with the surrounding objects so as to make the whole room harmonious and integrated.

Fourth should pay attention to health. Indoor lock with home life is closely linked, to choose a small noise door lock, recommend the use of silent door lock, eliminate indoor door lock noise pollution, switch door no noise, sleep to feel comfortable.

Split type door locks look good, but easy to bad, the overall good, stable and durable, select the door lock should be based on the style and color to match the door color, the general situation is the color of the door lock and the color contrast of the door, the effect will look good.

The structure of the split lock and one lock is the same in the door, but the appearance is different. A simple, a variety of styles. That's it

The difference is that modern style likes to use the latest materials, especially stainless steel, aluminum plastic plate, or alloy material, as the main material for interior decoration and furniture design; second is exposure to structures or mechanical structures, such as indoor pipes, wind pipes, or the use of transparent, bare mechanical parts.