Tell you how big the smart lock market potential is through data!

- Nov 16, 2018-

Tell you how big the smart lock market potential is through data!

Driven by the fierceness of the smart home market, smart door locks are in the market start-up period, participants compete for layout, and market competition is fierce. Limited by the user's consumption concept and the relatively high price of smart door locks, smart door locks are first used in mid- to high-end residential buildings and are widely used in B-end users such as office buildings, banks, and government agencies. With the concept of smart home becoming hotter and hotter, more and more ordinary users are beginning to come into contact with smart home products. Among them, smart door lock products are gradually attracting users' attention with the high security performance of their electronic code locks and fingerprint locks, and the C-end market has entered the market. Early stage.

The intelligent door lock market is still dominated by engineering bidding engineering channels, and the brand and capability have become the focus of the decision-making of intelligent door lock manufacturers. At this stage, the B-end market is still the main demand side of smart door locks. Engineering, office buildings, financial institutions and related government agencies have higher demand for security door locks, while solutions for house management in smart door locks ensure safety. Providing management plans for houses, tenants, and managers to assist in daily work, the smart door lock B-end market is relatively mature. The opposite C-end market user concept is gradually changing, the market still needs to continue education, intelligent door lock manufacturers to build brand awareness from the aspects of products, channels, services, through the production of excellent performance brands, the establishment of efficient and quality after-sales service The system gradually expands its brand advantage and seizes market share by means of offline experience to promote online sales.

At present, the smart door lock market is mixed, the market concentration is low, and the head brand is lacking. The lack of smart home interconnection standards also causes each product to become an information island. As smart homes become more systematic, smart door locks will be connected to more More intelligent life scenes.

Sales situation

China's smart door locks sold about 4 million units in 2016, concentrated in North China and South China. It is expected that sales of smart door locks will exceed 32 million units by 2019.

Compared with Japan, South Korea and Europe and the United States, the penetration rate of China's smart door lock market is relatively low, less than 3%. For the domestic market, China has about 1.4 billion people and 400 million households, of which more than 70% are three or more families, and the average family size is more than three. As the population ages and the second child birth policy With the liberalization, the proportion of the elderly and children has further increased, and in 2015 it has exceeded 37%. Compared with traditional door locks, smart door locks are more suitable for the elderly and children, avoiding the traditional loss of keys and other behaviors. As a result, 97% of households have a need to upgrade from mechanical locks to smart locks, and the number of new homes per year will remain relatively high. From the perspective of the domestic market, the penetration rate of smart door locks is low, the potential market is huge, and the smart door lock market is currently a blue ocean.

Sales channels

The intelligent door lock retail channel mainly relies on offline channels and engineering channels, and the dealers have exerted great value. Among them, the intelligent door locks are still mainly based on the B-end market, and the demand for engineering and office buildings is large. Still the main sales method.

Industry financing

Smart door locks are favored by the capital market. Most of the financing is based on Angel Wheel and A Wheel, and the market is gradually maturing.

In March 2017, it achieved 51 million B+ round financing, leading the smart door lock emerging startup. With the development of technology, the intelligent door locks are transferred from the B-end market to the C-end market. Driven by the smart home boom, the smart door lock market will gradually mature.