Teach you to identify high quality locks

- Nov 28, 2018-

Teach you to identify high quality locks

Everyone questioned the anti-theft ability of the door lock at home: Is the lock at home safe? In order to allow yourself to work outside the home, it is necessary to prepare a high-quality anti-theft lock for the door of the home, but what standard and level of mechanical locks have stronger anti-theft capabilities? How do customers choose when choosing these locks? The Anlangjie Security Research Institute explains the secrets of these anti-theft secrets hidden in mechanical locks.

The mechanical lock is a lock with anti-drilling, anti-saw, anti-smashing, anti-pull, anti-shock and anti-technical opening functions. The door latch is opened by a mechanical transmission device, and the lock cylinder is a non-single-row structure. The following conditions are important factors to consider when selecting a mechanical lock:

First, the security level of the mechanical lock

Usually when you select a mechanical lock, the first factor to consider is the anti-theft capability of the mechanical lock. It can be distinguished by its anti-theft level. According to the Ministry of Public Security GAT73-94 "Mechanical Anti-theft Lock", the anti-theft lock is classified according to its anti-theft capability. The general protection level and the advanced protection level, the general protection level lock, is indicated by the letter "A", and the advanced protection level is indicated by the letter "B". Class A anti-theft lock prevents technical unlocking time of not less than 1 minute, preventing destructive opening time of not less than 15 minutes; Class B anti-theft lock prevents technology unlocking time of not less than 5 minutes, preventing impact opening time of not less than 30 minutes. Therefore, choosing a Class B anti-theft lock is a positive solution to greatly improve the home security capabilities. The Schlage Sileqi FD3000 series national standard B-class mortise lock like An Langjie is a civil entry door mechanical lock that meets the national standard B-class anti-theft lock standard, which will greatly enhance your home's safety level.

Second, the service life and fire safety standards

The national standards reached by mechanical locks are also important factors affecting people's choice of locks. The three most common standards in mechanical locks are: national standard, European standard and American standard. As the name suggests, they are China's national standards, European standards and American national standards.

The mechanical lock body and panel handle that meet the national standard can meet the GA/T73-94 mechanical anti-theft lock B grade, and pass the Chinese national standard GB12955-2008 Class A 1.5-hour fireproof inspection and certification, and 100,000 life test.

The mechanical lock that meets the European standard reaches 200,000 times of the oblique tongue and 50,000 times of opening of the square tongue, and the lock cylinder conforms to the European EN1303 standard.

The mechanical lock that meets the American standard needs to pass the American ANSI A156.13 standard first-class certification, the US UL10C three-hour fire safety certification level, 1 million times of opening times, 200 hours salt spray test (anti-corrosion), and the lock cylinder conforms to ANSIA156.5 Class/UL, and optional high security lock cylinders with US patent certification.

The length of the mechanical lock life, fire resistance and corrosion resistance in these standards are important conditions for measuring the quality of mechanical locks. According to the above corresponding data, compared to the national standard and the European standard mechanical lock, the American standard mechanical lock has a longer service life, better fire resistance and more solid.

Third, the material requirements

In terms of material requirements, the American standard mechanical lock tongue is only made of 304 stainless steel, while the European standard mechanical lock bolt is made of stainless steel or zinc alloy. Obviously, the American standard bolt with 304 stainless steel is used, which is better in damage resistance.